About David Sloan, PhD, DNM

David Sloan, Ph.D., DNM
David Sloan, Ph.D., DNM

Whitby Bioidentical Hormone Doctor, David Sloan, PhD, DNM, Clinic Director of Sloan Natural Health Center in Whitby is a specialist in natural medicine. David Sloan has been practicing natural medicine for over 25 years and treating patients with Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy for over 12 years. He believes that providing the keys to vibrant health begins with the holistic approach.

David Sloan, PhD, DNM believes that to obtain total health, the total person must be taken into consideration. This means not only the physical but the mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of our makeup. In this way, the underlying causes of poor health can be determined, and a program designed to restore buoyant and vibrant health. By teaching his patients correct nutrition and living habits, the patient soon realizes that they must learn to be responsible for their own health. In this way, disease prevention and preventative medicine can truly become a reality.

Areas of Specialty

David Sloan and his team of medical doctors, naturopaths and nurse practitioners specialize in the therapeutic use of herbs, diet and clinical nutrition, homeopathic medicine and Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) to aid the body in returning to optimal vibrant health and function. As a specialist in the field of natural medicine, David Sloan’s work has led him to assisting patients with a wide variety of health concerns including hormonal imbalances, weight-loss, fatigue and low energy, anxiety, depression and anti-aging. Often, as we correct these areas most other concerns just ‘disappear’.

Lectures, Seminars and Speaking Engagements

When David began his practice some years ago (unlike today where this profession is in a period of exciting growth), it became necessary for him to be pro-active in educating the public by providing lectures, seminars, keynote addresses and workshops. Over the years he has given countless speeches and presentations all over Ontario and Canada in order to break down the misunderstanding in his profession, as well as to provide valuable health information on a wide variety of topics in natural healing.

David Sloan has also had the added privilege of writing articles for magazines, newsletters, and being interviewed on radio and TV. Most recently he has appeared on Daytime Durham, Rogers Cable, and the Lessons for Living program broadcast over the CTV network. His current seminar series on all the elements required to live a healthy, vibrant and successful life is entitled ‘Be Transformed! … Transform Your Health, Transform Your Life!’

Natural Therapies

Dr. Sloan has been a firm believer in natural healing for many years. Like many of the patients he sees, he once suffered from many health challenges. As a last resort, he sought professional help from natural practitioners who guided him in implementing diet, nutrition, herbal and other natural therapies. After detailed and extensive examinations, it was determined that his health had deteriorated so much that he was only given a few years to live. However, by the graciousness of God and radical changes to his diet and lifestyle along with other natural therapies, he gratefully found the answers to the various problems that had been afflicting him. Now, almost 40 years later, he is very grateful to be alive and enjoys much more vitality and vigor than he did in his youth!

David Sloan, PhD, DNM considers it a great privilege and honor to be able to share this precious knowledge with his patients. He finds it to be truly gratifying to see many people undergo a remarkable and unbelievable transformation from poor health to vibrant wellbeing under his care.

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