Integrated Medical Age-Management and Natural Wellness Services

Sloan Natural Health Center, in the Greater Toronto Area, provides a number of natural health, age-management, anti-aging and integrated medical services for both men and women. Whitby Ontario Anti Aging and Age Management Doctor, David Sloan PhD, DNM, Clinic Director of Sloan Natural Health Center, cares deeply for the well-being of his patients, and he seeks to assist his patients to improve their overall vitality and health.

When you call Sloan Natural Health Center, serving the Greater Toronto Area, to make an appointment to come in to see David, he is most concerned to assist you in the best way possible. He wants you to feel comfortable and feel confident that your concerns are addressed with the highest level of competency, compassion, integrity and professionalism. Sloan seeks to work WITH your family doctor or specialist(s) not instead of. Along with his naturopathic and medical team, they are very careful in their recommendations to avoid anything that would adversely interact or alter the effectiveness of your current medications or treatment.

Fortunately, for the most part, natural remedies are no problem, but he does ask that you bring with you your prescription medications (a written list is fine) with you on your visit. Although it is his common goal to bring you to a level of health where your prescription medications are no longer necessary, he will not be advising you to go off any of your medications – your doctor put you on them and so it is between you and your doctor to make those decisions. David wants to assure you as well that your consultations with him and the health records that he keeps will be held STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL and will only be released upon your written consent.

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy or (BHRT) is a therapeutic process where hormones that are deficient or excessive in the body are balanced utilizing compounds that are the exact replica of those the body normally produces and utilizes. It is because of this natural approach to hormone replacement that the side effects of BHRT are minimal compared to synthetics, so treatment is both safe and effective. Men and women of any age who suffer from symptoms of hormone imbalance should seek out treatment, and can experience a number of benefits:

  •  Relief from hot flashes, night sweats, vaginal dryness
  •  Restored/increased sex drive and performance
  •  Relief from mood swings, anxiety and depression
  •  Improved sleep
  •  Increased mental clarity, focus, energy and memory – no more ‘brain fog’
  •  Greater capacity to get your body back into shape particularly abdominal ‘spare tire’
  •  Decrease, reverse and prevent chronic disease states such as: heart disease, stroke, cancer, dementia and osteoporosis

After all of your symptoms, and bloodwork and/or saliva test, along with our BioWell Comprehensive Screening has been assessed, our medical associates on staff will prescribe bioidentical hormones to supplement or replace what your body cannot presently provide.

Additional Services Provided by Sloan Natural Health Center in Whitby Ontario

Blood and Saliva Tests for General Health and Hormonal Imbalance
We order a number of generalized and specific hormone blood tests or a salivary hormone analysis (saliva test) through the authorization of our medical team in order to determine your hormonal imbalances. These tests are crucial to being able to help you correct these imbalances through diet, exercise, natural, nutritional and herbal formulas and bioidentical prescriptions in order that you can feel great again – perhaps even better than you have felt in many years! Blood tests are covered by OHIP.

  • Integrative Medical Services
  • Custom Thyroid Treatment and Prescriptions
  • Anti-Aging Custom Facial Serum
  • Hair Regrowth
  • Low Dose Naltrexone or LDN
Full Case History and Natural Medicine Consultation
The consultation centers around discovering from an examination of your medical history, complaints and symptoms, what your main concerns are. We also conduct a comprehensive non-invasive screening called the BioWell Human Energy Field Assessment. From there, we put these concerns in order of priority and determine what further analysis or testing may be required (if any) and what treatment recommendations are needed to help bring you back to the most optimal health possible. Natural solutions to your concerns using diet, nutritional supplements, herbs, homeopathy, and a host of treatment options awaits you at Sloan Natural Health Center.
Fat-Burning Weight Loss Program
Lose healthy but very encouraging levels of weight faster and more safely than most programs on the market! Our medically-supervised Fat-Burning Weight Loss Method promotes Fat Loss and helps to maintain Muscle Mass. It tones and revitalizes the skin and supports Cellulite reduction. Enjoy greater Vitality and Energy while naturally suppressing your appetite.

We will re-establish your pancreatic function (correcting excessive insulin production which is one of the main causes of creeping weight gain) and help you maintain your new weight once you’ve lost it with our Maintenance Lifestyle Living Program.

Initial start-up fee includes full Case History, Bio-Impedance Analysis (Body Composition and toxicity testing), and much more!

All weight loss centers using the Ideal Protein Program are NOT the same – it is not a franchise but a method. We take pride in providing medically-supervised, knowledgeable and skilled care, along with coaching and monitoring that is not necessarily found at others bearing the same name.

Periodically while on the program we re-test your BIA (Body Composition) to ensure that you are progressing properly in not only losing weight but that you are moving toward ideal Body Fat percentage, Body Mass Index (BMI), Toxicity levels, and Cellular Hydration.

Experience feeling better than you have felt in years or perhaps ever! We have you come in only once weekly for weighing, measurements and coaching throughout the course of the program. Not only do we help you reach your fat-burning and weight loss goals but in addition, we spend the appropriate amount of time necessary once you have reached your goals to teach you our Maintenance System. We want to ensure that after your dedication and diligence that you maintain the new you! You will look long and hard to find this level of care and expertise anywhere.

You will be eating some of your own food and some Ideal Protein foods plus some minimal supplements. Many find our program very affordable because they are simply re-directing their grocery money to eat the Ideal Protein foods while watching the fat just melt away!

Please call Sloan Natural Health Center for a free 15 minute consultation with David Sloan PhD, DNM. Ask how you may qualify for a weight loss grant to cover a substantial portion of the cost to do our program!

Nutrition for Mental Health
For several years now David Sloan PhD, DNM, who holds Doctorates in Clinical Nutrition and Natural Medicine, has been providing amino acid therapy and micronutrient support for patients with many diverse mental health issues. These range from anger, anxiety and panic, depression, irritability, worry, ADD and ADHD, to Bi-polar I and II, Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) and OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder).

The results have been extremely rewarding as a very high percentage of patients respond remarkably well and feel so much better. Many state that they feel like a brand new person after being able to eliminate all their drug medication and live symptom-free. It really provides them with a new lease on life.

Sloan, who is Clinic Director at Sloan Natural Health Center, will tailor your program according to your specific needs. This therapy is very versatile and safe for all ages, even for young children.

If you would like more information on this ground-breaking treatment, please feel free to ask David Sloan PhD, DNM for a free 15 minute consultation to answer any more of your questions or concerns.

Anti-Aging Treatments
You are perhaps feeling older, but yet hope to enjoy many more years of quality, energetic and active living. Go beyond surface symptoms to target the ultimate causes of aging. This is the revolutionary system your body’s been waiting for. The incorporation of selected foods, detoxifying programs for total body cleansing, targeted nutraceuticals and bioidentical hormones will help to create a radical transformation of your health from the inside out.
Total Body Cleansing and Detoxification
At Sloan Natural Health Center we believe in the tantamount importance of detoxification and cleansing of the bodily organs, tissues and cells. Many inflammatory disorders and degenerative diseases such as bowel disease, arthritis, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia and cancer have their roots in a buildup of toxins in the body over time. We have many custom-designed protocols to achieve deep and effective cleansing.
Bioflex Laser Therapy for Pain and Injury
Another truly amazing therapy Sloan Natural Health Center provides is Bioflex Laser therapy. This safe and non-invasive treatment provides relief and healing for any pain, inflammation in the body such as tendonitis, bursitis, rheumatoid arthritis, carpal tunnel, herniated disc, back problems, and injuries of all sorts.
Arterial Testing – DPA Test
Using advanced state of the art digital pulsewave technology the condition and function of the arteries can be determined. Diabetics, menopausal women and anyone with heart disease or family history of cardiovascular or circulatory problems should be screened. Natural, drugless therapies can then be implemented to reverse arterial wall ‘stiffness’ and plaque buildup. This is truly a breakthrough in non-invasive diagnosis and reversal of cardiovascular disease.
Transform Your Health! Transform Your Life! Seminars
Over the years, David has done countless health talks, seminars and workshops. He has been a very successful and well-received speaker and will consider opportunities to speak to service clubs, churches and other groups. Please contact us if you are interested. If you are looking for a dynamic foundational health series David recommends the TRANSFORM Health Seminars which have garnered very positive reviews. David will captivate your audience with his vast knowledge and experience in the natural healing field. Contact Sloan Natural Health Center for more info.

David Sloan has been a guest on the radio talk show ‘The Doctor Says’, a live, phone-in program on CFPL 980AM London, daily health tips over Brantford Christian radio, frequent appearances on the ‘Daytime Durham’ TV show on Rogers Cable and ‘Lessons for Living’ TV broadcast on the CTV network (can now be viewed on YouTube).

Contact Whitby Ontario Anti Aging and Age Management Doctor, David Sloan, PhD, DNM to get started with a FREE Bioidentical Hormone Consultation!